2022/3 Winter meetings Programme now launched

Fri 21st Oct  7.30            The Home Guard

Fri 16th Sept   7.00        AGM and Governance members only

Fri 16th Sept.  7.45     Grantown’s Industrial Past - SEE VIDEO NOW (on Video tab)

Wed 21st Sept 10.00 - 12.00 "Wandering Wednesday" Inclusive Woodland Heritage Walk in association with Equal Adventure.  Starting at the museum.

Sun 25th Sept  10.00 – 12.00  Heritage Walk: Grantown’s Industrial Past Starting from the Museum.  Note change of time

Fri 2ist Oct. 7.30     “Look, Duck, Vanish” a re assessment of Grantown                                                 and Strathspey Home Guard 

Fri 18th Nov. 7.30    Alex Ledingham: Grantown’s Photographic Artist 

Fri 19th Jan.  7.30     Ballintomb: Strathspey’s most Historic Site

Fri 16th Feb   7.30     The History of Football in Grantown 

Fri 16th Mar  7.30    To be Finalised

 Also other Guided Walks led by John Halliday of Strathspey Tours *

Mon 26th Sept 10.30 – 14.30  Picts, Distillery and Standing Stones

Tues 27th Sept  10.30 – 13.30  Castle Grant and Old Grantown

Wed 5th Oct   10.30 – 14.30      The Dava Way

Fri 7th Oct       10.30 – 13.00       Discover Grantown-on=Spey

Sun 9th Oct     11.30 – 14.00         Explore Dava Moor

Wed 12th Oct    10.30-14.30  Battle of The Haughs of Cromdale 1690 Walk

 *Part of the Highland Archaeology Festival

Society stand at the Sustainable Strathspey Show in the Square on Saturday Sept 3rd

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COP26  GRANTOWN GOES TO GLASGOW  "From Archives to Adventure"

A ten minute Mp4 recording

For videos of Talks, Trails and Grantown 250, click on YouTube Videos on the menu above, or click on YouTube Channel on the right.

Grantown on Spey

Capital of Romantic Strathspey    
Home of the Clan Grant 
A Traditional Highland Town  
A unique Georgian Planned Town  
and a  vibrant visitor destination

Since 1974, the Society has worked to promote, preserve and develop this very special heritage.

Find out more about the buildings along Grantown on Spey's High Street and Square

 The Grantown Society was formed in 1974.  The Society became a Charity in 2020.  Membership is open to anyone interested in the aims of the Society, which are:

The advancement of education

The advancement of community development

The advancement of arts, heritage, culture or science

The advancement of environmental protection or improvement

Please click on the membership page if you'd like to join the society - we love to welcome new members!




"Murree", 4 Woodside Avenue
Grantown on Spey
​PH26 3JN
Tel: 07709-270044


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